Launches Stock Footage Library For Filmmakers, Video Producers and Marketers

May 15, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada is proud to launch its stock footage platform offering low-cost subscription-based film footage, video and animation clips for YouTube video producers, Indie filmmakers, music video producers and video marketers. Filmed at a Las Vegas film studio led by producers David Marcus and Brandon Klock during a period of over 3 years, CinemaStock offers :

  • Hundreds of green-screen actors playing zombies, gangsters, policemen, protesters, tourists, pedestrians and other characters. All with removed backgrounds, ready for inserting into any scene.
  • Customizable, professionally filmed and acted spec commercials to be used by video marketers producing small business advertisements. Commercials can be customized for such businesses as home repair, cleaning services, attorneys, pizza restaurants, car wash, insect exterminators, etc. Some of the commercials were produced using animation techniques, including claymation with the use of stop-motion, as well as motion graphics.
  • B-roll, aerial, time-lapse, and editorial footage from variety of locations.
  • Music video inserts consisting of dancers, drink shots, and other elements perfect for producing music videos.
  • 3d models of vehicles, airplanes and helicopters that can be further animated using Adobe After Effects and inserted into custom scenes.
  • Music and audio clips with voice acting, sound effects and foley for adding to film, video, and other media.

All footage featuring individual actors and characters is model-released and available for use by filmmakers without further licensing fees. Outside/street/scenery footage may feature public and pedestrians and is marked and intended for editorial use.

 Access to the video library is priced starting at $39.95/month, with 4K and 5K footage and Adobe project files available at higher subscription levels.

Discounted pricing will be offered through select partners.

For further information please visit or contact the company via email at


How to Improve Your Marketability and Make Money with Stock Footage from CinemaStock

Music Video Inserts

Produce professional music videos with video clips of dancers, drink shots, and other dynamic, stylish and colorful elements.

Action Movie Trailers

Have fun, lots of fun, while expanding your social media reach creating James Bond style action movie trailers for YouTube and social outlets, starring YOU and your friends or crew.
You can even use our stock footage to start a business producing action movie trailers for birthday parties.


Customizable TV & Internet Commercials

Customize our pre-made TV and internet commercials for your local small businesses, including attorneys, accountants, restaurants, repair services, and almost any others.

3D Models for Adobe After Effects

When working on a next film, create “higher-budget” car and helicopter chases by animating our 3D models of land and aerial vehicles in Adobe After Effects.
This scene was made with real footage of a car, while another car was added and animated using Adobe Effects. Can you guess which of the two cars is a 3d model? (hint, one of our actors was inserted into the 3d car)

Breathtaking Time-Lapses

Mix-in our beautiful time-lapses to establish your shots or to create scenic intros and swipes, or simply to enhance any footage or presentation.

Special Effects

Enhance your films with special effects that include explosions, smoke, debris, glares and flares. All keyed/masked and ready to insert into your own footage. Some were created using 3d, others shot on RED Epic with 4K and raw footage available with Pro subscription.

Animated Presentations

Make any presentation come to live with animated illustrations and animated 3d graphics. Our Pro-level subscription also includes AE & Illustrator files (and 3d files where applicable) helping you expand your skills and gain new opportunities.

(NOTE: you can download our “Filmmaking” animation as Adobe After Effects project by clicking here)

3D Animations

If basic animated presentations are not enough, try our 3d animations to spice up your presentations, even music videos. The 3d files are available with Preferred subscription to help you learn and customize each one.

Animated Characters and Icons

Create ever cuter presentations, animations, demos, internet commercials and music videos using our library of flat animated characters and icons.

Sound Effects and Foley

Top it all off by adding professional music, voice and sound effects to your film, video or presentation.

Produce Million Dollar Movies

And here is how we produce million dollar movies, just for you!

Well, not exactly, but feel free to use this footage as yet another TV/Internet commercial for your clients. Just replace the ending.